Welcome to my page, my name is Luz, your non-conventional Yoga-Breathwork instructor. I was born in a non-spiritual environment. I grew up in a lively city in South America. My parents were not what you could consider “hippies” although I discovered a spiritual path that I want to share with you.

After obtaining the RYS 500 Alliance Yoga Certification, 500hrs Yoga Therapy training and Clarity-Breathwork International Certification;
I decided to fusion the two practices creating Upekkha Yoga.

Together, Yoga & Breathwork have undoubtedly refined my life. Now, I am delighted to share these brilliant gifts with you.
The distinctive fusion of Yoga & Breathwork gently encourage you to be here and now.  These technologies researches have shown to promote compassion, tension, stress release, mental clarity, understanding of self-behaviours, patterns and difficulties in modern life.

My interest is to make these technologies accessible to you without exclusion. Most importantly, I want to provide didactic tools to support you during the process to thrive in life with ease, by edifying your body and release negative belief programming.

Let’s together explore your potential, self-love and appreciation for life step by step, no matter where you are today. I have taught since 2013 and offered private sessions in Montreal, Bogota, San Francisco, San Jose, Hawaii, Barcelona, Paris, London, Shenzhen and Tbilisi.

Stonehenge 2018